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Congressman Michael Grimm & Joe DioGuardi speak at NYC Republicans Social - Times Square

February 22.2019

NYC Republicans had its first Republican Social Event with guest speakers Fr. Congressmen’s Michael Grimm and Joe DioGuardi.

Founder of NYC Republicans Marko Kepi started the event by thanking fellow patriots for joining tonight, and explained the purpose of NYC Republicans. Kepi said the group started 10 years ago when he was president of John Jay College Republicans. After reaching out many times to national and state Republican Party he realized that they had abandoned NYC as a “lost cause”. Kepi believed by starting NYC Republicans and getting as many republicans together as possible in NYC, they can make a difference in certain areas of NYC.

Congressman Grimm spoke about the state of the American Dream, preserving it, and recognizing barriers to the American people. Grimm addressed critical issues like the call for legal immigration and standing our ground to protect American rights. Throughout his speech to an inspired, diverse crowd of NYC Republicans, Grim spoke to the need for Republican voices to be bold and to be heard rather than silenced by far Leftists.

Congressman DioGuardi gave an informed speech on the state of accountability of the U.S. Congress. He gave an eye-opening perspective as a veteran politician into the gravity of the National debt crisis burdening the youth of America. The NYC Republican crowd received personally signed copies of his book “Unaccountable Congress” and joined in honoring this esteemed American politician and Albanian hero. The NYC Republicans and the evening’s speakers united in a vision of fairness, freedom, and protection of the American people.

Marko Kepi congratulated Ian Reilly Walsh as the new President of the Metropolitan Republicans Club and pledged to work together in uniting Republicans across NY

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