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New York City Republicans is an organization dedicated to championing American values, ideals and freedoms. Our mission is to build the Republican Party through advocacy, volunteerism and assisting candidates who support our platform.


New York City Republicans have a multi borough approach by having chapters in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. We believe that working together we can effectively mobilize resources and funding to support competitive campaigns. New York City Republicans is engaged with many grassroots organizations including local college Republican Clubs. Our borough chapters will serve as a Republican Network to discuss issues, strategies and opportunities to build the GOP.

New York City Republicans is committed to inform fellow republicans of importance issues facing our great City. Our organization will also be a venue where people can voice their concerns, opinions and have an opportunity to get involved. New York City Republicans will provide our candidates with the ability to meet fellow republicans, recruit volunteers and raise money.


New York City Republicans will fight against the progressive liberal agenda that is destroying our quality of life.  Please join us and together we can ensure that New York City remains the greatest city in the world.

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