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NYC Republicans urges Staten Island Conservatives to VOTE Ron Castorina Jr in today's Primary.

NYC Republican is proud to endorse our State Assemblyman for Surrogate Court judge. We need more conservatives judges and Ron is our choice in Staten Island. Join us in supporting, donating and voting for Ron.

Ron’s father was an FDNY firefighter, and his grandfathers worked in the NYPD and the transit system. This upbringing instilled a passion for public service in Ron, and throughout his career he has looked for opportunities to serve his community. Whether it be taking his legal skills to the military and serving as a First Lieutenant in the New York Guard Army Division, or taking on pro-bono work on behalf of our community in the fight to save school bus service for middle-school students, Ron is dedicated to public service. Between 2013 and 2015, Ron served as a Commissioner of the Board of Elections on Staten Island, seeking to bring much-needed reforms to our voting process. Never a believer in cronyism, Ron even fired his own mother from the Board when he became Commissioner, to avoid any appearance of favoritism.

While he is well-known by many on the South Shore for his service, being a small business owner is one of his proudest contributions to the Island’s community. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and he has successfully built and grown his own business over the past 10 years.

Ron will proudly represent Staten Island and fight for our community’s.

Ron graduated from St. Francis College and SUNY Buffalo School of Law. He lives in Richmond Valley and maintains his law practice in Eltingville.

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