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Rabbi Yisroel Finman, Chief Rabbi of Albania; Marko Kepi, NYS Assembly candidate 64 district; Rabbi Shlomo Braun from Boro Park B’klyn

Rabbi Shlomo Braun had the pleasure of working together with Marko Kepi while both being on staff with the former NY State Senator Martin J. Golden.  He wholeheartedly endorsed the candidate and stated that Mr. Kepi while in the Assembly will have a much greater opportunity to be an outstanding advocate for all the people that he’ll represent. He is a warm, considerate, smart, courageous human being and most important he is the only candidate in this race that has the appropriate charisma to be elected for public office.

Rabbi Finman has worked with Marko to build friendship and understanding between the Albanian and Jewish Community to benefit his work in the USA as well as in Albania.

Rabbi Finman is most impressed with the love and affection that Marko exemplifies in his concern to help others. He stated “I am confident that Marko will be an outstanding asset for the 64th Assembly district as well as to the people of the State of New York.”

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