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City Council race goes to court after racist David Carr objects to more legal votes!

Today David Carr showed his true colors again. He is doing everything he can to claim victory for himself by refusing to count 200 legal votes!


A spokesperson from the Kepi campaign sent a statement to the Advance/ commenting on David Carr claiming he won!

“David Carr and his political machine have targeted legally casted votes from a single ethnic group and have been attempting every desperate and underhanded trick in the book to get these legal votes thrown out. And now we know why: after cures were opened today, Marko Kepi picked up 155 votes to Carr’s 1 vote,” he said.

The spokesperson alleges that there are still some ballots left to be counted.

“Unfortunately, not all the cures were opened, as the Staten Island Board of Elections was legally required and advised to do, because of non-public back-room decisions made prior to today’s counting. The votes in contention were already objected to and cured per the letter of the law, and should have been counted today,” said the spokesperson.

He continued: “Marko Kepi is now within 50 votes of victory with over 200 votes still to be counted. Despite the Carr campaign’s attempt to disenfranchise the Albanian community’s votes, when brought before a judge they will almost certainly be opened and counted.”

The spokesperson also told the Advance/ that he believes Kepi will win the race once all the ballots are counted.

“Today was further proof that this entire mess has merely been desperate campaign tactics from a political machine desperate for all votes NOT to be counted. After this complete waste of time and resources has been litigated, all the votes will be counted and Marko Kepi will be the Republican nominee for City Council,” he said.

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